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May 6th, 2008 (May 06 2008)EventChaiten Volcano erupts in Chile, forcing the evacuation of more than 4,500 people.
May 6th, 2007 (May 06 2007)DeathEneas Carneiro, Brazilian politician (born in 1938)
May 6th, 2007 (May 06 2007)DeathCurtis Harrington, American film director (born in 1926)
May 6th, 2007 (May 06 2007)DeathDorde Novkovic, Croatian songwriter (born in 1943)
May 6th, 2006 (May 06 2006)DeathLillian Asplund, last American RMS Titanic survivor (born in 1906)
May 6th, 2006 (May 06 2006)DeathShigeru Kayano, Japanese Ainu activist (born in 1926)
May 6th, 2006 (May 06 2006)DeathGrant McLennan, co-founder of Australian band The Go-Betweens (born in 1958)
May 6th, 2006 (May 06 2006)DeathLorne Saxberg, Canadian television journalist (born in 1958)
May 6th, 2004 (May 06 2004)DeathPhilip Kapleau, American Zen teacher (born in 1912)
May 6th, 2004 (May 06 2004)DeathBarney Kessel, American jazz guitarist (born in 1923)
May 6th, 2003 (May 06 2003)DeathArt Houtteman, baseball player (born in 1927)
May 6th, 2002 (May 06 2002)EventDutch politician Pim Fortuyn is shot and killed by an animal rights activist.
May 6th, 2002 (May 06 2002)DeathOtis Blackwell, American pianist, singer and songwriter (born in 1932)
May 6th, 2002 (May 06 2002)DeathPim Fortuyn, Dutch politician (born in 1948)
May 6th, 2001 (May 06 2001)EventDuring a trip to Syria, Pope John Paul II becomes the first pope to enter a mosque.
May 6th, 1998 (May 06 1998)EventKerry Wood strikes out 20 Houston Astros to tie the major league record held by Roger Clemens. He threw a one-hitter and did not walk a batter in his 5th career start.
May 6th, 1997 (May 06 1997)EventThe Bank of England is given independence from political control, the most significant change in the bank s 300-year history.
May 6th, 1996 (May 06 1996)EventThe body of former CIA director William Colby is found washed up on a riverbank in southern Maryland, eight days after he disappeared.
May 6th, 1996 (May 06 1996)BirthDominic Scott Kay, American actor
May 6th, 1995 (May 06 1995)DeathNoel Brotherston, Northern Irish footballer (born in 1956)
May 6th, 1995 (May 06 1995)DeathHilda Toledano (born in 1907)
May 6th, 1994 (May 06 1994)EventQueen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom and French President Francois Mitterrand officiate at the opening of the Channel Tunnel.
May 6th, 1994 (May 06 1994)EventFormer Arkansas state worker Paula Jones files suit against President Bill Clinton, alleging that he had sexually harassed her in 1991.Bill Clinton Quotes
May 6th, 1993 (May 06 1993)DeathAnn Todd, English actress (born in 1909)
May 6th, 1992 (May 06 1992)DeathMarlene Dietrich, German actress (born in 1901)
May 6th, 1992 (May 06 1992)DeathJilly Rizzo, restaurateur (born in 1917)
May 6th, 1991 (May 06 1991)DeathWilfrid Hyde-White, English actor (born in 1903)
May 6th, 1990 (May 06 1990)DeathCharles Farrell, American actor (born in 1901)
May 6th, 1989 (May 06 1989)BirthDominika Cibulkova, Slovakian tennis player
May 6th, 1989 (May 06 1989)DeathEarl Blaik, Former American football coach (born in 1897)
May 6th, 1988 (May 06 1988)EventAn airplane flying from Namsos to Bronnoysund in Norway crashes into the side of the Torghatten mountain, killing all 36 passengers and crew.
May 6th, 1987 (May 06 1987)BirthMoon Geun-young, South Korean actress
May 6th, 1987 (May 06 1987)DeathWilliam Casey, American Central Intelligence Agency director (born in 1913)
May 6th, 1986 (May 06 1986)BirthCindy Daniel, Quebec singer
May 6th, 1986 (May 06 1986)BirthTyler Hynes, Canadian actor
May 6th, 1985 (May 06 1985)BirthChris Paul, All-Star NBA Point Guard
May 6th, 1985 (May 06 1985)DeathJulie Vega, Filipino child actress and singer (born in 1968)
May 6th, 1984 (May 06 1984)DeathBonner Pink, Conservative Party politician
May 6th, 1984 (May 06 1984)DeathMary Cain, Mississippi newspaper editor and politician (born in 1904)
May 6th, 1983 (May 06 1983)EventThe Hitler diaries are revealed as a hoax when experts examine the books and conclude that they are fake.
May 6th, 1983 (May 06 1983)BirthAdrianne Palicki, American actress
May 6th, 1983 (May 06 1983)DeathKai Winding, American trombonist and jazz composer (born in 1922)
May 6th, 1981 (May 06 1981)EventA jury of architects and sculptors unanimously selects Maya Ying Lin s design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial from 1,421 other entries.
May 6th, 1981 (May 06 1981)BirthMatthew Leone, bassist of Madina Lake
May 6th, 1981 (May 06 1981)BirthNathan Leone, lead singer of Madina Lake
May 6th, 1981 (May 06 1981)BirthMark O Connell, American drummer (Taking Back Sunday)
May 6th, 1980 (May 06 1980)BirthScott Colton, American professional wrestler
May 6th, 1980 (May 06 1980)BirthMario Stojic, Croatian basketball player
May 6th, 1980 (May 06 1980)BirthRicardo Oliveira, Brazilian footballer
May 6th, 1980 (May 06 1980)BirthTaebin, Korean singer (1TYM)
May 6th, 1980 (May 06 1980)BirthKelly van der Veer, Dutch reality TV star
May 6th, 1979 (May 06 1979)BirthNikki Hayes, Irish radio personality
May 6th, 1978 (May 06 1978)BirthJohn Abraham, American football player Abraham Quotes
May 6th, 1978 (May 06 1978)BirthFredrick Federley, Swedish politician
May 6th, 1978 (May 06 1978)BirthAlexander Fedorov, Russian bodybuilder
May 6th, 1977 (May 06 1977)BirthMarc Chouinard, French Canadian ice hockey player
May 6th, 1976 (May 06 1976)EventAn earthquake strikes Friuli, causing 989 deaths and the destruction of entire villages.
May 6th, 1975 (May 06 1975)DeathJozsef Mindszenty, Hungarian Catholic Cardinal (born in 1892)
May 6th, 1973 (May 06 1973)DeathErnest MacMillan, Canadian orchestra conductor and composer (born in 1893)
May 6th, 1972 (May 06 1972)EventDeniz Gezmis, Yusuf Aslan and Huseyin Inan are executed in Ankara for attempting to overthrow the Constitutional order.
May 6th, 1972 (May 06 1972)BirthMartin Brodeur, Canadian ice hockey player
May 6th, 1972 (May 06 1972)DeathDeniz Gezmis, Turkish Left-wing Political Activist (born in 1947)
May 6th, 1971 (May 06 1971)BirthChris Shiflett, Guitarist for Foo Fighters
May 6th, 1970 (May 06 1970)BirthKavan Smith, Canadian actor
May 6th, 1970 (May 06 1970)DeathAleksandr Rodzyanko, Russian general (born in 1879)
May 6th, 1969 (May 06 1969)BirthJim Magilton, Northern Irish footballer
May 6th, 1968 (May 06 1968)BirthL?titia Sadier, French singer (Stereolab)
May 6th, 1967 (May 06 1967)DeathZhou Zuoren, Chinese writer (born in 1885)
May 6th, 1966 (May 06 1966)EventMyra Hindley and Ian Brady are sentenced to life imprisonment for the Moors Murders in England.
May 6th, 1965 (May 06 1965)BirthLeslie Hope, Canadian actress
May 6th, 1964 (May 06 1964)BirthDana Hill, American actress (died in 1996)
May 6th, 1963 (May 06 1963)DeathTheodore von Karman, Hungarian-born physicist (born in 1881)Theodore von Karman Quotes
May 6th, 1963 (May 06 1963)DeathMonty Woolley, American actor (born in 1888)
May 6th, 1962 (May 06 1962)EventSt. Martin de Porres is canonized by Pope John XXIII.John Martin Quotes
May 6th, 1962 (May 06 1962)BirthAdam Yellin, American record producer
May 6th, 1961 (May 06 1961)BirthGeorge Clooney, American actor
May 6th, 1961 (May 06 1961)DeathLucian Blaga, Romanian poet, playwright, and philosopher (born in 1895) Philo Quotes
May 6th, 1960 (May 06 1960)EventMore than 20 million viewers watch the first televised royal wedding when Princess Margaret marries Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey.
May 6th, 1960 (May 06 1960)BirthRoma Downey, Northern Irish actress
May 6th, 1960 (May 06 1960)BirthJohn Flansburgh, American musician
May 6th, 1960 (May 06 1960)BirthAnne Parillaud, French actress
May 6th, 1960 (May 06 1960)BirthPhyllis Treigle, American soprano
May 6th, 1958 (May 06 1958)BirthLolita Flores, Spanish singer and actress
May 6th, 1955 (May 06 1955)BirthTom Bergeron, American game show hostRic Berger Quotes
May 6th, 1954 (May 06 1954)EventRoger Bannister becomes the first person to run the mile in under four minutes.
May 6th, 1954 (May 06 1954)BirthDora Bakoyannis, Greek politician Yanni Quotes
May 6th, 1953 (May 06 1953)BirthTony Blair, former British prime ministerTony Blair Quotes
May 6th, 1953 (May 06 1953)BirthMichelle Courchesne, Quebec politician
May 6th, 1953 (May 06 1953)BirthGraeme Souness, Scottish footballer/manager
May 6th, 1952 (May 06 1952)BirthChristian Clavier, French actor
May 6th, 1952 (May 06 1952)BirthGregg Henry, American actor and country musician
May 6th, 1952 (May 06 1952)BirthMichael O Hare, American actor
May 6th, 1952 (May 06 1952)DeathMaria Montessori, Italian educator (born in 1870)
May 6th, 1951 (May 06 1951)BirthSamuel Doe, President of Liberia (died in 1990)
May 6th, 1951 (May 06 1951)DeathElie Cartan, French mathematician (born in 1869)
May 6th, 1949 (May 06 1949)DeathMaurice Maeterlinck, Belgian writer, Nobel Prize laureate (born in 1862)
May 6th, 1948 (May 06 1948)BirthMary MacGregor, American singer
May 6th, 1947 (May 06 1947)BirthMartha Nussbaum, American philosopher Philo Quotes
May 6th, 1947 (May 06 1947)BirthAlan Dale, New Zealand actor
May 6th, 1945 (May 06 1945)EventWorld War II: Axis Sally delivers her last propaganda broadcast to Allied troops (first was on December 11, 1941).
May 6th, 1945 (May 06 1945)EventWorld War II: The Prague Offensive, the last major battle of the Eastern Front, begins.
May 6th, 1945 (May 06 1945)BirthJimmie Dale Gilmore, American musician
May 6th, 1945 (May 06 1945)BirthBob Seger, American singer/songwriter
May 6th, 1944 (May 06 1944)BirthAnton Furst, American production designer (died in 1991)
May 6th, 1944 (May 06 1944)BirthMasanori Murakami, First Japanese baseball player in major leagues
May 6th, 1943 (May 06 1943)BirthAndreas Baader, leader of the German organization Red Army Faction (died in 1977)
May 6th, 1942 (May 06 1942)EventWorld War II: On Corregidor, the last American forces in the Philippines surrender to the Japanese.
May 6th, 1942 (May 06 1942)BirthRin Kaiho, professional Go player
May 6th, 1941 (May 06 1941)EventAt California s March Field, Bob Hope performs his first USO show.Bob Hope Quotes
May 6th, 1940 (May 06 1940)EventJohn Steinbeck is awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Grapes of Wrath.John Steinbeck Quotes
May 6th, 1939 (May 06 1939)DeathKonstantin Somov, Russian writer (born in 1869)
May 6th, 1938 (May 06 1938)BirthJean Garon, Quebec economist and politician
May 6th, 1938 (May 06 1938)BirthLarry Gogan, Irish radio personality
May 6th, 1937 (May 06 1937)EventHindenburg disaster: The German zeppelin Hindenburg catches fire and is destroyed within a minute while attempting to dock at Lakehurst, New Jersey. Thirty-six people are killed.
May 6th, 1937 (May 06 1937)BirthRubin Carter, American boxer
May 6th, 1936 (May 06 1936)BirthBernard Lemaire, French Canadian businessman (Cascades)
May 6th, 1935 (May 06 1935)EventNew Deal: Executive Order 7034 creates the Works Progress Administration.
May 6th, 1934 (May 06 1934)BirthRichard Shelby, American politician
May 6th, 1931 (May 06 1931)BirthWillie Mays, American baseball player
May 6th, 1929 (May 06 1929)BirthPaul Lauterbur, American chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 2007)
May 6th, 1928 (May 06 1928)BirthRobert Poujade, French politician
May 6th, 1926 (May 06 1926)BirthGilles Gregoire, Quebec politician, co-founder of the Parti Quebecois (died in 2006)
May 6th, 1924 (May 06 1924)BirthDenny Wright, British guitarist (died in 1992)
May 6th, 1924 (May 06 1924)BirthPatricia Kennedy Lawford, American socialite (died in 2006)
May 6th, 1923 (May 06 1923)BirthVladimir Etush, Russian actor
May 6th, 1922 (May 06 1922)BirthCamille Laurin, Quebec psychiatrist and politician (died in 1999)
May 6th, 1922 (May 06 1922)BirthOtmar Suitner, Austrian conductor
May 6th, 1921 (May 06 1921)BirthErich Fried, German author (died in 1988)
May 6th, 1920 (May 06 1920)BirthRoss Hunter, American film producer (died in 1996)
May 6th, 1920 (May 06 1920)BirthKamisese Mara, 1st Prime Minister of Fiji and President of Fiji (died in 2004)
May 6th, 1919 (May 06 1919)DeathL. Frank Baum, American writer (born in 1856)L. Frank Baum Quotes
May 6th, 1917 (May 06 1917)BirthKal Mann, American lyricist (died in 2001)
May 6th, 1916 (May 06 1916)BirthRobert H. Dicke, American physicist (died in 1997)
May 6th, 1915 (May 06 1915)BirthOrson Welles, American director (died in 1985)Orson Welles Quotes
May 6th, 1915 (May 06 1915)BirthTheodore White, American writer (died in 1986)
May 6th, 1913 (May 06 1913)BirthCarmen Cavallaro, American pianist (died in 1989)
May 6th, 1913 (May 06 1913)BirthStewart Granger, English film actor (died in 1993)
May 6th, 1910 (May 06 1910)EventGeorge V becomes King of the United Kingdom upon the death of his father, Edward VII.
May 6th, 1910 (May 06 1910)DeathKing Edward VII of the United Kingdom (born in 1841)
May 6th, 1909 (May 06 1909)BirthLoyd Sigmon, American amateur ("ham") radio broadcastor (died in 2004)
May 6th, 1906 (May 06 1906)BirthEnrique Laguerre, Puerto Rican writer (died in 2005)
May 6th, 1904 (May 06 1904)BirthRaymond Bailey, American actor (died in 1980)
May 6th, 1904 (May 06 1904)BirthMoshe Feldenkrais, Ukrainian-born founder of the Feldenkrais method (died in 1984)
May 6th, 1904 (May 06 1904)BirthHarry Martinson, Swedish author and poet Nobel laureate (died in 1978)
May 6th, 1903 (May 06 1903)BirthToots Shor, New York restaurateur (died in 1977)
May 6th, 1902 (May 06 1902)BirthHarry Golden, American journalist (died in 1981)
May 6th, 1902 (May 06 1902)BirthMax Ophuls, German-born director (died in 1957)
May 6th, 1902 (May 06 1902)DeathBret Harte, American author (born in 1836)
May 6th, 1899 (May 06 1899)BirthBilly Cotton, British entertainer (died in 1969)
May 6th, 1897 (May 06 1897)BirthPaul Alverdes, German writer (died in 1979)
May 6th, 1895 (May 06 1895)BirthFidel Palffy, Hungarian Nazi (died in 1946)
May 6th, 1895 (May 06 1895)BirthJulio Cesar de Mello e Souza, Brazilian writer (died in 1974)
May 6th, 1895 (May 06 1895)BirthRudolph Valentino, Italian actor (died in 1926)
May 6th, 1889 (May 06 1889)EventThe Eiffel Tower is officially opened to the public at the Universal Exposition in Paris.
May 6th, 1882 (May 06 1882)EventThomas Henry Burke and Lord Frederick Cavendish are stabbed and killed during the Phoenix Park Murders in Dublin.
May 6th, 1882 (May 06 1882)EventThe United States Congress passes the Chinese Exclusion Act.
May 6th, 1882 (May 06 1882)BirthCrown Prince Wilhelm of Germany (died in 1951)
May 6th, 1882 (May 06 1882)DeathThomas Henry Burke, civil servant (b.1829) and Lord Frederick Cavendish, British politician (b.1836) in the Phoenix Park Murders.
May 6th, 1880 (May 06 1880)BirthErnst Ludwig Kirchner, German painter (died in 1938)Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Quotes
May 6th, 1879 (May 06 1879)BirthBedrich Hrozny, Czech orientalist (died in 1952)
May 6th, 1877 (May 06 1877)EventChief Crazy Horse of the Oglala Sioux surrenders to United States troops in Nebraska.
May 6th, 1877 (May 06 1877)DeathJohan Ludvig Runeberg, Finnish poet (born in 1804)
May 6th, 1872 (May 06 1872)BirthWillem de Sitter, Dutch scientist (died in 1934)
May 6th, 1871 (May 06 1871)BirthVictor Grignard, French chemist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1935)
May 6th, 1871 (May 06 1871)BirthChristian Morgenstern, German author (died in 1914)Christian Morgenstern Quotes
May 6th, 1868 (May 06 1868)BirthGaston Leroux, French writer (died in 1927)
May 6th, 1863 (May 06 1863)EventAmerican Civil War: The Battle of Chancellorsville ends with the defeat of the Army of the Potomac by Confederate troops.
May 6th, 1862 (May 06 1862)DeathHenry David Thoreau, American author and philosopher (born in 1817)Henry David Thoreau Quotes
May 6th, 1861 (May 06 1861)EventAmerican Civil War: Arkansas secedes from the Union.
May 6th, 1861 (May 06 1861)BirthMotilal Nehru, Indian freedom fighter (died in 1931)
May 6th, 1860 (May 06 1860)EventGiuseppe Garibaldi s Mille sets sail from Genoa to the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.
May 6th, 1859 (May 06 1859)DeathAlexander von Humboldt, German naturalist and explorer (born in 1769)Alexander von Humboldt Quotes
May 6th, 1857 (May 06 1857)EventThe British East India Company disbands the 34th Regiment of Bengal Native Infantry whose Sepoy Mangal Pandey had earlier revolted against the British and is considered to be the First Martyr in the War of India s Independence.
May 6th, 1856 (May 06 1856)BirthSigmund Freud, Austrian psychiatrist (died in 1939)Sigmund Freud Quotes
May 6th, 1856 (May 06 1856)BirthRobert Peary, American explorer (died in 1920)
May 6th, 1840 (May 06 1840)EventThe Penny Black postage stamp is valid for use in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.
May 6th, 1840 (May 06 1840)DeathFrancisco de Paula Santander, Colombian president and independence leader (born in 1792)
May 6th, 1835 (May 06 1835)EventJames Gordon Bennett, Sr. publishes the first issue of the New York Herald.
May 6th, 1816 (May 06 1816)EventThe American Bible Society is founded in New York City.
May 6th, 1800 (May 06 1800)BirthRoman Sanguszko, Polish aristocrat and general (died in 1881)
May 6th, 1797 (May 06 1797)BirthJoseph Brackett, American religious leader and composer (died in 1882)Joseph Brackett Quotes
May 6th, 1769 (May 06 1769)BirthFerdinand III, Grand Duke of Tuscany (died in 1824)
May 6th, 1769 (May 06 1769)BirthJean Nicolas Pierre Hachette, French mathematician (died in 1834)
May 6th, 1758 (May 06 1758)BirthAndre Massena, French marshal (died in 1817)
May 6th, 1758 (May 06 1758)BirthMaximilien Robespierre, French Revolutionary (died in 1794)Maximilien Robespierre Quotes
May 6th, 1757 (May 06 1757)EventBattle of PragueA Prussian army fights an Austrian army in Prague during the Seven Years War.
May 6th, 1757 (May 06 1757)DeathMaximilian Ulysses Count Browne, Austrian field marshal (born in 1705)
May 6th, 1757 (May 06 1757)DeathCharles FitzRoy, 2nd Duke of Grafton, British politician (born in 1683)
May 6th, 1757 (May 06 1757)DeathKurt Christoph Graf von Schwerin, Prussian field marshal (born in 1684)
May 6th, 1713 (May 06 1713)BirthCharles Batteux, French philosopher (died in 1780) Philo Quotes
May 6th, 1708 (May 06 1708)DeathFrancois de Laval, first bishop of New France (born in 1623)
May 6th, 1682 (May 06 1682)EventLouis XIV of France moves his court to Versailles. Louis XIV of France Quotes
May 6th, 1638 (May 06 1638)BirthHenry Capell, 1st Baron Capell, First Lord of the British Admiralty (died in 1696)
May 6th, 1638 (May 06 1638)DeathCornelius Jansen, French bishop and religious reformer (born in 1585)
May 6th, 1631 (May 06 1631)DeathRobert Bruce Cotton, English politician
May 6th, 1620 (May 06 1620)DeathHayyim ben Joseph Vital, Palestinian-born Kabbalist (born in 1543)
May 6th, 1604 (May 06 1604)EventLeon VII Spanish poet s first poem is published: La Cocina.
May 6th, 1596 (May 06 1596)DeathGiaches de Wert, Flemish composer (born in 1535)
May 6th, 1574 (May 06 1574)BirthPope Innocent X (died in 1655)
May 6th, 1542 (May 06 1542)EventFrancis Xavier reaches Old Goa, the capital of Portuguese India at the time.
May 6th, 1536 (May 06 1536)EventKing Henry VIII orders English language Bibles be placed in every church.
May 6th, 1527 (May 06 1527)EventSpanish and German troops sack Rome; some consider this the end of the Renaissance. 147 Swiss Guards, including their commander, die fighting the forces of Charles V during the Sack of Rome in order to allow Pope Clement VII to escape into Castel Sant Angelo.
May 6th, 1502 (May 06 1502)DeathJames Tyrrell, alleged murderer of the Princes in the Tower (executed)
May 6th, 1501 (May 06 1501)BirthPope Marcellus II (died in 1555)
May 6th, 1397 (May 06 1397)BirthSejong the Great of Joseon, ruler of Korea (died in 1450)
May 6th, 0680 (May 06 0680)DeathMuawiyah I, caliph (born in 602)

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